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All service providers for New York

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Harlem Community Development Corporation
163 W 125th ST
17th FL
New York, NY 10027
Victoria Gordon
(212) 961-4100
Housing Conservation Coordinators, Inc.
777 Tenth Ave
New York, NY 10019
Karen Jackson-Campbell
(212) 541-5996 x22
Northern Manhattan Improvement Corp.
45 Wadsworth Ave
New York, NY 10033
Jackie Gomez
(212) 822-8340
Good Old Lower East Side, Inc.
Type: Preservation
169 Avenue B
New York, NY 10009
Damaris Reyes
(212) 358-1231

Good Old Lower East Side, Inc., (GOLES) formed in 1977, serves the Lower East Side of Manhattan, from the Bowery to the East River and from E. 14th Street to the Brooklyn Bridge . GOLES provides comprehensive services for low-moderate income residents to prevent homelessness and displacement, preserve and expand the low-moderate income housing stock, and ensure decent safe affordable housing.

GOLES accomplishes our mission by providing the assistance with the following housing related and other services:

Tenant rights counseling

Lease renewal and affordable housing recertification (i.e. Section 8 & NYCHA)

Housing court & legal clinics

Affordable housing lottery applications

Tenant association formation, technical assistance, and organizing support

Income, rent, and job readiness support

Informational workshops on housing rights and policy issues

Land use and resiliency planning


Cooper Square CD Committee & Businessmen's Association, Inc.
Type: Preservation
61 E 4th ST
New York, NY 10003
Steve Herrick
(212) 228-8210

The Cooper Square Committee's mission is to preserve and develop affordable housing and community/cultural spaces in order to prevent displacement of low/moderate income tenants and to maintain the racial, economic and cultural diversity of the Lower East Side in our service area from the Bowery to the East River and from E. 14th Street to Delancey Street.

CSC's programs include the following:

Tenant Counseling: CSC counsels over 500 tenants annually with questions about their lease, tenants facing an eviction and tenants in need of apartment repairs. We advise rent regulated tenants about their rights under the rent regulations and the warranty of habitability. If they need legal assistance, we will refer them to free legal services if they are income eligible, as well as to private attorneys if they intend to pay for legal advice.

 Organizing: CSC has 3 full time tenant organizers who can help tenants facing systemic building-wide issues from harassment to lack of services to disruptive renovation. We help form numerous tenant associations, help them write to their landlords to describe the issues and request prompt remedial action, set up meetings with landlords to negotiate repairs, and bring housing court actions to win legal settlements.

 Community Development: CSC sponsors the renovation and development of affordable housing. We are currently renovating a building for 18 homeless LGBT youth. Our Weatherization Coordinator works with low income HDFCs, helping to enroll them in the weatherization assistance program to make their building more energy efficient.

 Benefits assistance to individuals: CSC assists over 100 tenants annually with Section 8 recertifications, applying for SCRIE and ORIE, food stamps {SNAP) and Medicaid, and helping homeless families and individuals, such as battered women, to find temporary housing by working with a network of housing providers.

 Neighborhood NORC: CSC operates a newly formed N-NORC, which operates weekly senior programming, including workshops on legal, financial and health issues for seniors, and social, recreational and cultural events.  We also provide case management for seniors.

Housing Conservation Coordinators, Inc.
Type: Preservation
777 Tenth Ave
New York, NY 10019
Sarah Desmond
(212) 541-5996

Housing Conservation Coordinators, Inc. (HCC) is a community-based not-for-profit housing advocacy agency that was founded in 1972 to promote safe, decent and affordable housing for low and moderate income tenants on the west side of Manhattan in the Hell's Kitchen and the Upper West Side neighborhoods. We provide comprehensive housing services to prevent homelessness, improve standards of living, and to increase the availability of permanent, affordable housing and works collaboratively with its neighborhood social service partners to provide comprehensive legal, social and supportive services.  Each year, we assist more than 3,500 tenants through our core programs:  1) legal and advocacy services on housing, benefit, consumer, elder law and immigration matters; 2) tenant and community organizing; 3) weatherization assistance program; and 4) revolving loan program for limited equity cooperatives.

Sinergia, Inc.
Type: Preservation
2082 Lexington Avenue
4th Floor
New York, NY 10025
Yesenia Estrella
(212) 678-4700

Founded in 1977, Sinergia, Inc. was developed to link low-income underserved or unserved families with individuals with disabilities to culturally and linguistically appropriate services. As the agency grew, it pioneered services that were non-existent or unavailable to low-income, minority families. These services include: housing advocacy; parent training and education for parents of children with disabilities; transitional housing for homeless families of persons with disabilities; supportive housing for developmentally disabled parents living with their children; foster care (family Care) for children with disabilities; home care; various models of residential services for individuals with developmental disabilities and day habilitation services.

Sinergia Inc.'s mission is to enhance the well being of individuals and families through access to the human services delivery system with particular concentration on those "special populations" that traditionally have experienced difficulty in accessing these services. A primary goal is to provide services and supports to children with disabilities and individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. A second goal is to help families and individuals attain self-empowerment, ultimately enabling them to become their own advocates and assist other families. Major programs and services include Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP), Housing Advocacy/Assistance, service coordination, Family Support Services, Home Care, Respite, Family Reimbursement, Family Care (Foster Care), Community Residences with supports, Parent Training and Education Center and Day Habilitation Program..

Sinergia has historically served the communities of East Harlem and Manhattan Valley, poor neighborhoods bounded by more affluent communities, and similar communities throughout New York City. Sinergia is equipped to respond to the needs of its consumers culturally, socially and linguistically, particularly the Latino population, as its staff members, administrators and Board of Directors are demographically and culturally representative of the consumers it serves.

The Housing Department provides short-term counseling, home-finding, information and referral, assistance in Housing Court, eviction prevention, public and private housing application assistance, apartment inspections, development of scatter-site housing for persons with developmental disabilities, housing and entitlement advocacy, community education around housing and environmental issues; as well as community awareness of inclusive practices for persons with disabilities, technical assistance to families and providers and transitional housing for families with members with a disability via a Tier II program.

116 Street Block Association, Inc.
Type: Preservation
55 E 115th ST
Suite 101
New York, NY 10029
Hilda C. Vives-Vasquez
(212) 860-4100

116th STREET BLOCK ASSOCIATION, INC. is a nonprofit community based organization located in East Harlem and serving residents of Community Board 11. The association was organized in 1976 and incorporated under the laws of the State of New York in 1979 by a group of community leaders who were concerned about the negative effects of crime, drugs, lack of employment opportunities, abandonment, poor quality of housing, and bank disinvestment in the area. The Association was created with the view of collaborating in a recuperating strategy for the community; aspiring to develop tenants potential through meaningful workshops in leadership; to organize tenants; secure housing from negligent landlords; promote neighborhood stability; and provide low-income housing. The services and activities are based upon the conviction that in order to effectively control housing problems, the neighborhood residents themselves must become involved. The Association promotes a self-help approach in attending other needs arising from poverty levels characterizing vast sectors of the community. The examination of the issues of the community and the individual person in a holistic way has led to a web of interrelations with other community organizations in order to improve the quality assistance offered to housing, schools, churches, hospitals, police, fire departments and other service providers in the area. The organizational relationship avoids repetitive efforts and economic redundancy. The Association provides independent living skills workshops to the community on various topics such as: Lead Awareness-Local Law 1, management, crime prevention (trespassing program), arson awareness, the operation of tenants associations and health issues. Through NYC HPD's Anti-Abandonment Unit- Community Consultant Program, the association offers walk-in services for: case management, counseling services, tenant counseling on apartment maintenance, referrals to suitable housing, employment and education, assistance with applications for Public Housing, Section 8 and Public Assistance, rent arrears application, DRIE (Disability Rent Increase Exempt), Con Edison /Heartshare (grant for individuals who are in distress and in arrears with electrical/gas bill, this program is seasonal), and protecting their legal rights. The association's most recent contract with NYC HPD's Anti-Abandonment Unit as an NPC provides surveys to buildings in housing code violations; assists landlords to get into voluntary repair agreements, repair loans, building maintenance and other programs to be eligible for tax breaks; mediation with both landlord and tenant dispossession and evictions; technical assistance to residents of city owned buildings; and management and financial services assistance to buildings already converted to Cooperatives. Services are provided to Seniors to motivate them to secure and maintain entitlement benefits and assist with their physical, psychological and social well being. The organization assists with various programs accessible for seniors such as referral to suitable housing placement, SCRIE, HEAP, IT210 & IT214 tax rebates, Medicare/Medicaid, Home care referral and social cultural/ recreational programs.

Community League of the Heights
Type: Preservation
500 W 159th ST
New York, NY 10032
Yvonne Stennett
(212) 795-4779

The Community League of the Heights (CLOTH) is a community based organization that was founded in 1952. From its origins as a volunteer organization formed to serve the needs of the youth of Southern Washington Heights, CLOTH today is a dynamic community development organization working to strengthen and empower the neighborhoods of Southern Washington Heights and Hamilton Heights.

CLOTH Reaches Over 30,000 People Each Year through an inter-connected array of programs and partnerships. It has a long track record of achieving success and meeting program outcomes.

Educational programs for 250 students

Housing for over 2,000 families

Food Pantry serves 96,000 people a year

Technology Center classes for 300 people a year

Annual Health Festival provides over 1,300 free screenings

Merchant Organizing and Advocacy for 75 small business on Broadway

Playstreet for 300 children each summer

25 Youth basketball college scholarships per year

Community Health Academy of the Heights, a public community school for 650 students

El Barrio's Operation Fight-Back
Type: Preservation
413 E 120th ST
Suite 403
New York, NY 10035
Gustavo Rosado
(212) 410-7900

Incorporated in January 1986, El Barrio's Operation Fightback (EBOF) continues to work against the deterioration of housing, the displacement of families, and the declining availability of affordable housing in East Harlem.

Progams include:

1. Supplemental Nutrient Assistance Program (SNAP) - Home Health Aid Training

2. Healthcare Support Careers Pathways Program (HSCP) - Workforce Dev.Empl/HS Training

3. Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) - City summer jobs for young adults

4. Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP) - State affordable housing preservation

Clinton Housing Development Co. Inc.
Type: Preservation
403 W 40th ST
New York, NY 10018
Joe Restuccia
(212) 967-1644

Clinton Housing Development Company, Inc. (CHDC), established in 1973 as a voluntary organization, was incorporated in 1974.

CHDC builds community by preserving and creating high quality, permanently affordable housing in the Clinton/Hell's Kitchen and Chelsea neighborhoods on the West Side of Manhattan. We integrate community, cultural and green spaces into developments and provide consulting services for larger community initiatives.

We collaborate with neighborhood and citywide stakeholders in both the public and private sectors. CHDC developments promote diversity and economic integration by respecting and valuing the people, history and physical character of the community.

CHDC Develops supportive housing for social service needy persons. However, CHDC develops such projects only in an integrated manner, with different social service populations and low- and moderate-income tenants living in the same buildings.

All housing-based social service programs are accessible to community residents to promote further integration. All projects reinforce the existing physical fabric of the community, low-rise 4- and 5-story tenements. CHDC selects projects that both solve community problems and meet current citywide housing needs.

CHDC's catchment area encompass all of Manhattan Community Board #4 District. CHDC's catchment area covers the area from 14th Street to 26th Street, West of 6th Avenue; and 27th Street to 57th Street, West of 8th Avenue.

Hellgate Management Corp.
Type: Preservation
413 E 120th ST 305
New York, NY 10035
Raul Rodriguez
(212) 410-7707

The Hellgate Management Corporation was incorporated in the State of New York as a not-for-profit organization in 1979. Its mission for the last 36 years has been to develop and implement plans, projects and activities that would eliminate the abandonment of housing stock in East Harlem. The agency also strives to aid, assist and foster planning, development and rebuilding through activities geared toward the preservation of our community.

In 2002, Hellgate's parent company, merged with Promesa Inc, and turned over the management of its housing stock to Promesa. The Hellgate Management Corporation is an affiliate of the Acacia Network, the second largest latino-operated community based organization in the state of New York.

As a "Neighborhood Preservation Company" Hellgate Management focuses in areas such as Property Rehabilitation and Construction, Client Assistance and Community Renewal. Hellgate Management has an active role as a housing counseling company providing guidance and assistance in areas such as eviction prevention, tenant advocacy, landlord assistance and homeowner education. In addition, Hellgate provides technical assistance to other organizations and private companies who are interested in relocating to East Harlem, expanding their business or developing affordable housing opportunities for East Harlem residents.

As an active organization in the community, Hellgate continues to work with local elected officials, community leaders and Manhattan Community Board #11 in providing input on community needs, tenant and landlord concerns and participates in the planning of housing, economic development and community improvement programs that will improve living conditions for community residents.

Hope Community, Inc.
Type: Preservation
174 E 104th ST
New York, NY 10029
Walter M. Roberts
(212) 860-8821

Hope Community, Inc. is a community-based not-for-profit affordable housing organization. Founded in 1968, the organization also enriches the lives of the people who live and work in East Harlem and surrounding neighborhoods through cultural arts, economic development, and social service alliances.

Hope seeks to rebuild the physical infrastructure of East Harlem by creating attractive, high-quality affordable rental and owner-occupied housing. Hope seeks to strengthen the neighborhood's social fabric by assisting in the growth and success of local businesses, by assisting residents to enhance their lives and incomes, and by sponsoring community programs.

Property Management and Development: Hope's primary function is property manager of over 1,250 residential units and 49 commercial spaces throughout East Harlem. Additionally, Hope is actively involved in rehabilitating and preserving all of our affordable housing units.

Local Economic Development: Hope has a strong commitment to build and support local business within the community. The marketing and cultural tourism campaign “Visit El Barrio” is a major part of this initiative.

Tenant Services and Referral Program: Hope Connects seeks to support residents when they need it most, especially in issues that go beyond housing.

Cultural and Community Events: Hope is a major supporter of the arts and culture in the community and annually holds several events that are open to our residents and the general public.

Lower East Side Coalition Housing Development, Inc.
Type: Preservation
717 East 9th Street
New York, NY 10009
Kim O'Neale
(212) 677-4772

Lower East Side Coalition Housing Development (LESCHD) is a community-based organization, active since 1968 in New York's Lower East Side. LESCHD has sponsored and co-sponsored the development of over 1,300 affordable rental and home-ownership units. LESCHD's property management affiliate manages many of the units in its rental portfolio.
The Lower East Side Coalition Housing Development's (LESCHD) mission is to enrich the quality of life for New Yorkers by the effective development, preservation & management of affordable housing.
LESCHD evolved from a group of community residents and leaders who formed a coalition to provide community control over housing development in the Lower East Side. The initial focus of the coalition was to monitor two rehabilitation projects in the neighborhood. The efforts by community residents to exert local control over housing policy and development has grown into a not for profit housing development corporation currently involved in the development, management and promotion of low income housing, The beneficiaries of the housing and ancillary services include seniors, individuals with mental illness, formerly homeless families and individuals and other low income persons. The Coalition also sponsored a day care center located in one of our early developments.

MFY Legal Services, Inc.
Type: Preservation
299 Broadway
4th Floor
New York, NY 10007
Jeanette Zelhof
(212) 417-3700

MFY Legal Services, Inc. is a not-for-profit legal services program providing free legal assistance to residents of New York City on a wide range of civil legal issues, prioritizing services to vulnerable and under-served populations, while simultaneously working to end the root causes of inequities through impact litigation, law reform and policy advocacy.

They offer programs in (1) housing (2) kinship care (3) mental health (4) public benefits (5) workers' rights and many more.

Manhattan Valley Development Corporation
Type: Preservation
73 W 108th ST
1st Floor
New York, NY 10025
Robin Pace
(212) 678-4410

The mission of Manhattan Valley Development Corporation (MVDC) is geared toward the rehabilitation of the existing housing stock, building maintenance, and the preservation and revitalization of the neighborhood by coordinating its physical, social, and economic initiatives. By sustaining the mission of providing affordable housing to the predominantly low income, ethnically diverse population and relocation within the community, MVDC is making every effort to tailor construction costs to rent levels community residents can afford or to secure rent subsidies in cases where construction costs exceed their income.

Another important aspect of MVDC's mission is to provide jobs and job training to local unemployed or underemployed workers, support local businesses and other enterprises, provide human services, and improve quality of life.

Some of the services offered in our Human Services Office include assistance in applying for SNAP benefits, Medicaid and other subsidies.

In more recent years, MVDC extended its mission to house homeless families and individuals in its projects, including individuals living with HIV.

It has always been an important part of MVDC's mission to create a viable housing services and rehabilitation capability, while simultaneously improving Manhattan Valley buildings in a manner that would preserve the integrity of the community as a viable neighborhood for low income and working class families from diverse racial, social, ethnic, and economic backgrounds.

Manhattan Valley Development Corporation serves the Manhattan Valley, Morningside Heights, Harlem and Washington Heights areas of Manhattan.

Nuevo El Barrio Para La Rehab de La Vivienda Y La Economia
Type: Preservation
18 E 116th ST
Suite 2r
New York, NY 10029
Roberto C. Anazagasti
(212) 427-0555

Nuevo El barrio para la la Vivienda y la Economia, Inc. (N.E.R.V.E, inc), was founded in 1975 to help meet the housing needs of residents in East Harlem (El Barrio). After two submissions to the NYSHTF we were unable to get the funds to develop housing for low income residents at 2249 2nd Avenue site. We have been forced to surrender the idea of developing low income housing, and are now in the process of developing moderate income condominiums ( 32 Units) at 2249 2nd Avenue (Block 1665, Lot 24 & 25) in order to support our low income buildings. In the past and current years we have supported and maintained our low income buildings with rent and funds generated from 119 East 102nd street, a section 8 project. Our future strategy is to build these condominiums in order to generate funds from the sales therefore allowing N.E.R.V.E Inc. to become more self sufficient.

In addition to the funds generated by the 32 units at 2249 2nd Avenue (Block 1665, Lot 24 & 25), N.E.R.V.E. Inc. will also use their own land to develop low income housing. The Board of Directors have slated 71-73 E 110th Street site for low income families as well as a community center and cafeteria . So far the land has been surveyed by A& P Engineering and Surveying P.C and we are speaking with an architect, Carlos Mieles who provided us with a zoning plan. In addition, we have hired Eric Toro as a Housing Consultant. Due to El Barrios flux of new immigrants, the availability of low income housing has decreased. This has contributed to overcrowding and has forced families to "double- up". Our main purpose is to maintain our community together. Note we also hired Eric Toro as housing consultant.

In addition N.E.R.V.E. Inc offers bilingual housing services to these immigrants who are not yet knowledgeable about housing related issues i.e the laws Over the years, N.E.R.V.E. Inc has renovated many abandoned buildings and has also helped develop and manage many more.

N.E.R.V.E, Inc's present portfolio is as follows:

Co developed 135 residential units at the Angelo Del Toro, A.K.A Los Tres Unidos located at 112th Street and Madison Ave.

where in we are attempting to maintain these units for our low income residents, by initiating a law suit against the new owners

Renovated the following units:

25 Units at 119 E. 102nd Street.

11 Units at 105 E. 102nd Street.

8 Units at 242 E. 117th Street.

104-106-108-110 East 117th Street

5 Units at 1647 Park Ave.

All these units are rent stabilized and are for low income families below 90% of the median income. We are currently managing building 242 E 117th Street, 102-110 E 117th Street and 1647 Park Avenue, 105 E. 102nd Street and 119 E. 102nd Street as well 18 East 116th Street. At 2249 Second Ave. on site we have the business incubator; one tenant which provides 3 part time and 1 full time jobs.

Northern Manhattan Improvement Corp.
Type: Preservation
45 Wadsworth Ave
New York, NY 10033
Maria Lizardo
(212) 822-8300

NMIC is a not-for-profit community based housing organization established in 1979 and serving the Washington Heights/Inwood section of Upper Manhattan. In addition to its housing activities, which include anti-eviction services, community tenant and block organizing, and housing development, the agency offers social services (including domestic violence prevention) and a range of workforce development services for low income residents, including English classes.

Our Legal Department stops evictions for over 1,000 community residents per year. The Legal S Department works in cooperation with the Community Organizing, Social Services and Workforce Development Units, and NMIC attorneys represent building-wide tenant associations in all areas of housing-related litigation. Legal Department clients also are provided with social services assistance, when necessary.

The Community Organizing Department organizes tenant associations to remove housing code violations, and, when necessary, to take control of their own housing. It has held more than a dozen tenant workshops in the past year and has held more than 50 tenant association meetings. At any one time, we work with approximately a dozen tenant associations in privately owned buildings, as well as with tenant associations in a dozen tenant controlled buildings (see below under Development).

NMIC's Housing Development program work grew out of its organizing mission to improve housing conditions throughout the community. We have helped tenants in both privately and publicly owned buildings take title to their property and renovate the buildings as a long-term resource for low-income housing.

Strycker's Bay Neighborhood Council
Type: Preservation
696 Amsterdam Ave
New York, NY 10025
Kelley Williams
(212) 874-7272

For the past 50 years, the mission of the Strycker's Bay Neighborhood Council, Inc. (SBNC) has been to assist low-income residents of the Upper West Side to solve problems of inadequate housing and other related community services and to help empower them to improve their quality of life. Since our beginning, we have looked beyond housing problems to address the comprehensive range of issues that affect the welfare of our community residents including education, employment, youth development, and open space. Strycker's Bay serves as a door of opportunity for neighborhood people seeking to gain valuable leadership skills by volunteering, becoming a member of our staff, or participating in the development of neighborhood programs and projects.

SBNC has successfully implemented programs that: prevent homelessness through eviction prevention; secure affordable housing for low-income families and individuals; preserve affordable rent regulated apartments by keeping tenants in place and negotiating with landlords to make required repairs and improvements; ensure that eligible households secure the entitlements they need to support their families; and help young people avoid violence, gangs, and drugs by developing literacy skills through after-school programs that promote and encourage academic and personal growth.


The impact and success of our program is based on:

Helping People Help Themselves

Our programs are not handouts. They teach people ways in which they can help themselves to improve the quality of their lives. Through individual counseling and joint planning sessions, program participants learn to build on their own strengths to resolve problems and create opportunities for growth.

Committed Board of Directors, Staff and Individual Supporters

Although our budget is quite small, the Strycker's Bay board of directors, staff and supporters are committed and work tirelessly to fulfill the organization's mission: providing guidance to those looking to make a better way for themselves and their families. Our commitment and compassion has kept Strycker's Bay's doors open during the most difficult times. Our ability to endure and even thrive despite reduced funding and increased need in our community demonstrates to our ability to be unwavering in our commitment to this work.

Knowledgeable and Experienced Advocates

We are the Upper West Side's only grassroots organization that advocates straight from the frontline with and for tenants. Our advocates have many years of experience, extensive knowledge and a commitment to preserving affordable housing, defending tenant's rights, and identifying accessible affordable housing resources.

Information Clearinghouse

With experience come knowledge and an abundance of critical information tenants need to protect their rights and their homes. Strycker's Bay has over 48 years of frontline experience in the community, with partner organizations, NYC and NYS government housing agencies and the NYC housing court system. We understand that knowledge is power and insure that tenants have access to up-to-date information needed to protect their rights and secure decent affordable housing.

United Jewish Council of the East Side, Inc.
Type: Preservation
235 E Broadway
New York, NY 10002
Betsy Jacobson
(212) 233-6037

United Jewish Council of the East Side, Inc, is a 40 year old community-based agency located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Over the past two decades, the UJC has operated a case management approach to helping poor families access benefits and wide range of supportive services for the purpose of achieving long term stability and economic independence.

Services provided by UJC to the Lower East Side and Lower Manhattan community include social services Housing ( including : subsidy assistance, relocation assistance, eviction prevention, housing court assistance, Advocacy for tenants,financial assistance, to help renters secure affordable housing), immigration assistance, entitlements and benefits counseling, home care, 42 units of housing for low income/ elderly/disabled individuals that the UJC's owns and manages, 3 congregated meal sites for the elderly, a home delivered meal program, 2 senior centers. The social service and homecare workers speak several languages besides English(Russian, Spanish, and Chinese) which reflect the ethnic and racial diversity of this area, and to make sure that all tenants should have equal access to service regardless of language limitations. UJC is a not for profit organization and it provides a wide range of services to all who are in need in Lower Manhattan.

Washington Heights Inwood Preservation and Restoration Corp.
Type: Preservation
121 Bennett Ave
Suite 11a
New York, NY 10033
Deborah Hes
(212) 795-7522

Washington Heights Inwood Preservation and Restoration Corporation (WHIPRC) was incorporated in 1977 as a not-for-profit 501(c)3 agency with a mission to preserve the neighborhood and improve the quality of life for its residents. The service area of the agency extends from West 165 St. to West 218 St., and from the Hudson River in the West to the Harlem River in the East. The service area covers U.S. Census Tracts 237-297, and is served by Manhattan Community Board 12.

WHIPRC responds to the needs of the community by offering services in several languages including Russian, Hebrew, Yiddish, Spanish, German, as well as English.

This agency provides a broad spectrum of housing and social services to its clients, the majority of whom are low income, non-English speaking immigrants, vulnerable elderly, and the working poor.

WHIPRC's housing programs improve housing stock; assist its residents in acquiring and maintaining adequate, affordable, safe housing; help clients to secure and keep entitlements, such as Section 8, SCRIE, DRIE, etc.; negotiate with tenants and landlords regarding rent arrears and repairs; and prevent homelessness through eviction prevention.

WHIPRC's social services include benefits and entitlements assistance, case assistance and advocacy, crisis intervention, information and referral, friendly visiting, telephone reassurance, food pantry, and food vouchers. Funding is received from city, state and private-sector sources.

For over 30 years, WHIPRC has a proven track record for effective service delivery to the community. In addition, WHIPRC coordinates multi-ethnic coalitions to address broader neighborhood issues and strengthen intercommunity relations.

West Harlem Group Assistance, Inc.
Type: Preservation
1652 Amsterdam Ave
New York, NY 10031
Donald C. Notice
(212) 862-1399

West Harlem Group Assistance, Inc. (WHGA) serves the overwhelmingly minority communities of Central and West Harlem, located in Manhattan Community Districts 9 and 10. As more than 34% of the area's population is dependent upon some form of income support, and unemployment among all age groups is significantly higher than the national average, the importance of ensuring the availability of affordable housing, while improving access to economic opportunities, is crucial to the company mission. The Company's mission builds on community capacities and assets, and engages positive and constructive action. WHGA's mission is to:

*"Encourage, facilitate and strengthen the viability of Harlem.

* Ensure access to education, training, and support services that will enable Harlem residents to prepare for, enter, and succeed in the

labor market of today and in the future and to

Provide and increase the availability of safe, decent and affordable housing".

The synergy between public and private partners has resulted in the development of over 871 housing units for low to moderate income families in 38 WHGA managed properties. The company also manages 8 transitional properties with 179 units, and has 24 properties with 277 low income housing tax credit units. More recently, WHGA has expanded its housing services by promoting and facilitating homeownership through public and private programs like Neighborhood Homes and Renaissance Homes. WHGA's housing activities include the production of affordable housing targeted to low-to-moderate-income households through rehabilitation of city owned multifamily rental properties, management of low-income rental housing, senior citizen housing and supportive housing for mentally challenged individuals.

West Side Federation for Senior and Supportive Housing, Inc.
Type: Preservation
2345 Broadway
New York, NY 10024
Paul R. Freitag
(212) 595-8983

Since 1980 West Side Federation for Senior and Supportive Housing, Inc. (WSFSSH) has renovated or built 24 buildings comprising 1,700 units of housing in Manhattan and the Bronx, serving over 1,800 people. Service area includes Upper West Side of Manhattan, from West 74th Street to West 110th Street, from Central Park West to West End Avenue.

WSFSSH's housing falls into three basic categories: independent apartments, single room supportive housing, and congregate supportive housing.

Areas of particular concern include:

Older persons who have experienced homelessness

Persons living with chronic medical conditions

Older persons living with serious mental illness

Persons living with AIDS

Families of grandparents raising their grandchildren

Each of our buildings provides socialservices designed to assist residents to live safely and fully in the community.

Wilson Major Morris Community Center, Inc.
Type: Preservation
459 W 152nd ST
New York, NY 10031
Patricia Wilson
(212) 234-4661

The Wilson Major Morris Community Center, Inc (WMMCC) is a non-profit organization founded in 1970 by St. John’s Baptist Church to provide comprehensive housing assistance, social services and programs targeting seniors, families and individuals at 90% or below the median income in the Hamilton Heights, West Harlem and Manhattanville community catchment area encompassing both Community Boards 9 and 12. In 1982 WMMCC became a Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP) funded by NYS Homes and Community Renewal. The NPP is designed to stabilize, preserve and revitalize the housing and neighborhood facilities in our catchment area. The catchment area for WMMCC is bound by West 155th Street to the North, West 133rd Street to the South, Edgecombe Avenue to the East and the Hudson River to the West.

As an NPP, we provide direct assistance to residents facing landlord/tenant problems (failure to repair, lease renewals, eviction prevention and court assistance), with completing housing applications; filing for the Senior-Citizen (SCRIE) and Disabled (DRIE) Rent Increase Exemption Programs, the IT-214 and NYC-210 tax applications, and offer credit counseling, tenant education and community awareness workshops. Our services also include a Spring Senior Lunch Program provided by DFTA, health screenings, monthly food pantry, daily flea market and referrals.

Ecumenical Community Development Organization
Type: Preservation
443 W 125th ST
New York, NY 10027
Janice C. Berthoud
(212) 678-0037

ECDO provides community development services to Community District 9 which is better known as West Harlem. Community District 9 is a culturally diverse neighborhoods which encompasses the West Harlem neighborhoods of

Morningside Heights, Manhattanville, and Hamilton Heights. Extending from 110th Street to 155th Street, our boundaries are Cathedral Parkway on the south; 155th Street on the north; Manhattan, Morningside, St Nicholas, Bradhurst, and Edgecombe Avenues on the east; and the Hudson River on the west.

ECDO as a developer of affordable housing in Community District 9 has developed over 600 units of affordable housing which includes substantial renovations and major capital improvements to buildings in Harlem.

In addition, ECDO provides technical assistance along with community based services that assist tenants and landlords in advocacy and the resolution of housing issues. ECDO also provides assistance to tenants in the formulation of tenant associations while also providing educational workshops, seminars and varied program orientations.

ECDO also offers employment placement and internship program services to economically challenged youth and adults.

ECDO also provides early childhood educational and development services to preschool children in Community Districts 9 and 10. Additionally, we partner with other community development agencies to market and promote our neighborhood based services along with referring community residents to other service providers within the community.

Downtown Manhattan Community Development Corp.
Type: Preservation
2 Allen Street
7th Floor
New York, NY 10002
Thomas Yu
(212) 964-2288

Downtown Manhattan Community Development Corporation (DMCDC) was founded in 1995 to provide affordable housing planning and implementation for downtown Manhattan. Downtown Manhattan's primary service area includes East Village, Lower East Side, Two Bridges area and Chinatown, and roughly corresponds to Lower Manhattan's Community Board 3 district. DMCDC also provides services to the wider New York City five boroughs in its secondary service area on a project by project basis.

DMCDC's activities in the Lower East Side-Chinatown neighborhoods include:

Community development/urban planning

Policy advocacy

Real Estate development services

Property management/Asset Management technical assistance <br>- Tenant and housing organizing

Service Profile:

What is a weatherization assistance provider?

Weatherization assistance providers can assist eligible homeowners and owners of rental properties with measures to improve energy efficiency, including:

  • an energy audit of the home to identify specific needs;
  • addition of insulation to walls or ceilings;
  • weather-stripping and caulking around doors and windows;
  • cleaning, testing, repairs, or replacement of heating systems;
  • replacement or repair of broken windows and/or outside doors;
  • mitigation of health and safety concerns; in particular assuring that all dwelling units receive smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

Weatherization Services may also include other energy-related improvements such as: water heater repair/replacement, lighting fixture replacement, venting systems, refrigerator replacement, and certain electrical service work.

Weatherization services are available to income-eligible (60% of State median income) individuals who may be either homeowners or renters living in a single-family home, a manufactured/mobile home, or an apartment.

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