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All service providers for Monroe

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Pathstone Corporation
400 East Ave
Rochester, NY 14607
Christine Gockley
(585) 442-2030 x202
Action for a Better Community, Inc.
550 E Main ST
Rochester, NY 14604
Nate Sheppard
(585) 442-4160
Coalition of North East Associations Inc.
Type: Preservation
471 Hudson Ave
Rochester, NY 14605
Delaine Cook-Greene
(585) 325-1311

The Coalition of Northeast Associations (CONEA) is a 501(c)3, not-for-profit organization which revitalizes the Northeast Area (Sector 10) of Rochester, NY. Their service area is from North Street to St. Paul Street and from the Inner Loop to Clifford Avenue, which is the northeast area in the City of Rochester.

CONEA continues to create unity throughout the community in the following ways:

*Advocate for residents and complete NY Empower applications for energy audits and services

*Plant and maintain several community gardens, some are in city owned vacant lots

*Work with a youth work camp annually, who provides home improvements to seniors and eligible homeowners

*Attend block clubs and business association meetings

 *Help business owners complete applications to receive business funding

*Refer resident homeowners for services related to loan modifications

*Work with interns and assist with job referrals or placement

*Help place area residents in jobs with local/neighborhood businesses

*Advocate for veterans and homeless who may need assistance

NHS of Rochester Dba Neighborworks Rochester
Type: Preservation
570 South Ave
Rochester, NY 14620
Joanne Panarisi-Bottone
(585) 325-4170

Neighborhood Housing Services of Rochester, Inc.

NeighborWorks Rochester is an organization dedicated to helping people achieve the benefits of homeownership and is committed to revitalizing and sustaining Rochester city neighborhoods.

 To Support this goal, NeighborWorks Rochester offers:

First time home buyer education

Home rehabilitation, construction management services

Lending opportunities

Grant opportunities (when available)

Financial education

Energy Services; audits, improvements, grant opportunities (when available)

Neighborhood revitalization

Community Organizing

Marketview Heights Association, Inc.
Type: Preservation
308 North ST
Rochester, NY 14605
Francisco Rivera
(585) 423-1540

Marketview Heights Association (MHA) is a neighborhood-based community development organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life in northeast Rochester through underscoring the need for decent housing that is affordable to low- and moderate-income households.

We provide a range of homeownership and housing rehabilitation programs and services, designed to help renew and restore our neighborhoods, and to reverse blight and substandard housing conditions.

Our activities include homeownership housing development, home repair grant and loan programs, homebuyer counseling and education services, real estate services, neighborhood organizing and crime prevention, information and referral services, and other community renewal activities.

MHA is a designated City of Rochester and State of New York Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO), a HUD-approved Housing Counseling Agency, and an adopter of the National Industry Standards for Homeownership Education.

Southwest Area Neighborhood Association, Inc
Type: Preservation
275 Dr. Samuel McCree Way
Rochester, NY 14608
Jamone Alexander
(585) 436-8201

SouthWest Area Neighborhood Association (SWAN) is a non-profit organization founded by neighborhood leaders in the late 1970’s and incorporated in 1982. SWAN's broad mission since its inception: to improve the quality of life for residents and families in SouthWest Rochester. Swan serves the Southwest Sector of the city known as Sector 4. Its boundaries are West Ave/West Main St on the North, The Genesee River on the East, Elmwood Ave./Genesee Valley Park on the South, and route 390 on the West.

SWAN's programs and services successfully addresses the most important needs for our residents and thus improves their quality of life.

SWAN offers the following:

an After School and Summer Camp that serves 80-100 youth ages 5-18

assistance with home repairs and first-time home buyer workshops

nutrition and recreation program for seniors through Monroe County Office for the Aging

food pantry

work with the Business Associations, Sector 4, Public Safety Committees, block clubs and attend the Southwest Quadrant Meetings

participates in a collaborative that proves emergency assistance to families such as rental, mortgage, utilities, food, furniture,transportation and clothing assistance

North East Block Club Alliance, Inc.
Type: Preservation
1499-1501 Clifford Ave
Rochester, NY 14609
Christine Johnson
(585) 544-0140
North East Block Club Alliance, Inc. provides a variety of services and programs to improve the quality of life for residents of our service area. These include organizing, training, home rehabilitation, rental assistance, affordable housing development and access, education, and anti-crime initiatives.
North East Area Development, Inc.
Type: Preservation
360 Webster Ave
Rochester, NY 14609
George Moses
(585) 482-7320

North East Area Development, Inc. (NEAD) is a non-profit organization comprised of individuals, block organizations and business associations working together to revitalize living and working conditions within Sector 8 of Rochester's north east side. NEAD has served the community for over 50 years, providing leadership in quality of life enhancement.

Major program areas include:

Residential and Commercial Development

Residential Assistance Program (home improvement grants for owner/occupants )

Credit Counseling/Restoration Referrals

Real Estate Sales

Civic engagement and public safety organization and support through Block Clubs, Neighborhood Watch and PAC-TAC

Culturally responsive literacy program for youth K-12 through collaboration with the Children's Defense Fund Freedom Schools Program

NEAD/CDF Freedom School Youth Entrepreneurial Program

Freedom Market - selling fresh fruits and vegetables

NCS Community Development Corp.
Type: Preservation
289 Driving Park Ave
Rochester, NY 14613
Linda Gonzalez
(585) 254-8090

NCS was founded in 1968 and is considered to be one of Rochester's first grassroots organizations serving the low-to-moderate income community. NCS's primary focus is affordable housing.

Services offered include:

*Income-qualified Owner Occupied Rehabilitaiton Program

*HOME Rochester (Site Specific acqusition-rehabilitation program for income qualified 1st time homebuyers)

*HOME Pathway Program (Market acqusition-rehabilitation program for income qualified 1st time homebuyers)

*One-on-one homeownership and financial literacy counseling

*Construction Management services

*Real Estate Broker services

*Grant writing services for neighborhood specific projects/initiatives

South East Area Coalition, Inc.
Type: Preservation
224 Mount Hope Avenue
Rochester, NY 14620
John Page
(585) 256-1740

South East Area Coalition, Inc. (SEAC) is a 501(c )(3) community development organization designated by New York State as a Neighborhood Preservation Company. SEAC's service area encompasses most of the south east quadrant of the City of Rochester.

SEAC currently addresses two housing and community renewal activities in our service area. We are rebuilding our housing program, serving low-income owner-occupants who are in need of minor to moderate home repairs and serve a small number of households. In addition, the Street Manager program assists business and property owners of two major commercial districts in south east Rochester. The Street Manager program assists the existing business associations with recruiting, retaining and promoting locally-owned neighborhood businesses on South Clinton Avenue and Monroe Avenue. The Street Manager also serves as a liaison between the City of Rochester and individual businesses on regulatory and funding issues.

South Wedge Planning Committee, Inc.
Type: Preservation
224 MT Hope Ave
Rochester, NY 14620
John Page
(585) 256-1740

The South Wedge Planning Committee's (SWPC) mission is to build community in the South Wedge area, encourage a full range of housing options, & promote a diverse, historically significant, & commercially sustainable urban village.

SWPC engages neighborhood residents in the community by support of block clubs, volunteer projects (Day of Caring, Clean Sweep, Urban Fellows Program & Wilson Day), & publishing the Wedge Newspaper. We seek to increase first-time home ownership, improve the existing housing stock, & develop affordable housing opportunities.

Since 2001, SWPC has partnered with the Small Business Development Center at SUNY Geneseo (SBDC) to promote commercial development, increase survival rates of businesses, & decrease the commercial vacancy rates in our two commercial areas. We also address issues of access to healthy food through our two Victory Gardens & by operating the South Wedge Farmers Market, now in its 10th year.

Services we provide include:

Home repair grants for lower income owner-occupants

Rehab & sale of homes to income-qualified first-time buyers (as a partner of the Greater Rochester Housing - Partnership's HOME Rochester Program)

Business planning assistance for new & existing business owners (partnership with SBDC at SUNY Geneseo)

EBT/SNAP Matching Program at the South Wedge Farmers Market

Promote the neighborhood and its businesses by publishing the Wedge Newspaper (15,000+ readers)

Intake Site for Project Share, to prevent termination of utility services for low-income residents of Rochester

Funding sources include:

NYS Division of Homes & Community Renewal; NYS Affordable Housing Corporation; Federal Home Loan Bank of NY; Rochester Area Community Foundation; Fundraising & Donations (events, foundations, private individuals), & Advertising income (Wedge Newspaper only)

Bishop Sheen Ecumenical Housing Foundation, Inc.
Type: Preservation
150 French Road
Rochester, NY 14607
Allynn Smith
(585) 461-4263

Bishop Sheen Ecumenical Housing Foundation, Inc. (Sheen Housing) is a not-for -profit corporation that provides safe, decent, affordable housing for very low-to moderate-income families, seniors and persons with disabilities in order to promote their self worth and dignity. Sheen Housing was founded in 1968 to help low-income families purchase their first homes by providing loans and grants for closing costs. Over the past years, programs and staff have been added to address a wider range of urban and rural housing needs. Today Sheen Housing supports not only families, but also organizations that provide housing for low-income families.

Bishop Sheen provides home repair services to decrease substandard housing conditions that threaten the health and safety of residents as well as accessibility modifications to allow frail elderly and those with disabilities to remain independent in their own home. They offer home ownership opportunities, housing education and housing counseling for first-time home buyers as well as current homeowners experiencing a housing need. They also provide affordable rental opportunities for families, seniors, veterans and persons with disabilities.

Bishop Sheen serves the Counties of Allegany, Cayuga, Chemung, Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Schuyler, Seneca, Steuben, Tioga, Tompkins, Wayne and Yates.

Group 14621 Community Association, Inc.
Type: Preservation
1171 N Clinton Ave
Rochester, NY 14621
George Moses
(585) 266-4693

Group 14621 Community Association, Inc. is an advocacy agency working to involve our community members in collective efforts to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods. By so doing, we enhance education, employment, housing and recreation opportunities for residents and foster personal responsibility, understanding and appreciation of our diversity and similarities.

Group 14621 serves all who live, work, worship, own property in the neighborhood generally bounded by the 14621 zip code. Our Jurisdiction is: E. Ridge Road (104) up and to south side of Long Acre Rd. to the North; Clifford Avenue to the South; N. Goodman Street to the East and St. Paul Street (Genesee River) to the West.

Group 14621 administers home improvement grants, rehabilitates vacant homes for first-time owners as a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO), and works with residents in forming block clubs to address quality of life concerns such as property conditions, public safety, and noise as well as overall neighborhood appearance.

Group 14621 actively works to engage residents in planning for neighborhood development, identify problems and solutions, and educate community members regarding property codes, ordinances, and zoning requirements.

Isla Housing and Development Corporation
Type: Preservation
1164 N Clinton Ave
Rochester, NY 14621
Sonia Nunez
(585) 544-3486

Isla Housing and Development Corporation provides a variety of services to families in the Northeast area of Rochester.

Isla Housing and Development provides affordable Housing to low-income families. We have partnership and ownership in St Michael's I and II Senior Housing Complex, Markets Apartments at Corpus Christi, Harris Park Apartments and the Lake Ravine Apartments. All of the projects provide quality affordable Housing for low-income families.

Isla has a First-Time Homebuyer program that assist low income homebuyers with the purchase of homes. Some of the opportunities are closing cost assistance or purchasing of home that has been totally rehabilitated with new windows, floors, roofs, siding furnaces. This program also provides the qualified buyers with closing assistance. Buyers must meet income guidelines and attend homebuyer classes.

Isla provides workshops or refers to other workshops that will assist the potential homebuyer and or landlords /tenants with credit /mortgage opportunities, credit counseling. Isla Housing provides technical assistance to stake holders in the service area. We assist low-income homeowners and tenants with obtaining grants or loans for repairs to the property.

Isla also recruits and assists minority contractors with the applications to be certified as a NYS Minority Entity. Isla completes the application for the contractor, assist the contractor with obtaining the documentation that is needed to be certified.

Isla recruit's new business to the area to stabilize and invest in the neighborhood. Creating attractive commercial centers and residential neighborhoods not only develops civic pride of the community but vital to attract new business to the area.

Isla works with Block Clubs in the area with technical assistance and presentations. We assist the Block Clubs with Summer program activities for the children of the neighborhoods . We invite leaders from the community, other agencies to inform them of the activities and programs available to them that would allow them better housing, assist the drug activities.

Service Profile:

What is a weatherization assistance provider?

Weatherization assistance providers can assist eligible homeowners and owners of rental properties with measures to improve energy efficiency, including:

  • an energy audit of the home to identify specific needs;
  • addition of insulation to walls or ceilings;
  • weather-stripping and caulking around doors and windows;
  • cleaning, testing, repairs, or replacement of heating systems;
  • replacement or repair of broken windows and/or outside doors;
  • mitigation of health and safety concerns; in particular assuring that all dwelling units receive smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

Weatherization Services may also include other energy-related improvements such as: water heater repair/replacement, lighting fixture replacement, venting systems, refrigerator replacement, and certain electrical service work.

Weatherization services are available to income-eligible (60% of State median income) individuals who may be either homeowners or renters living in a single-family home, a manufactured/mobile home, or an apartment.

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