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All service providers for Erie

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Lt. Col. Matt Urban Human Services Center of WNY
1081 Broadway
Buffalo, NY 14212
Joan Parylo
(716) 893-7222 x218
Neighborhood Housing Services of South Buffalo, Inc.
1937 South Park Ave
Buffalo, NY 14220
Shyrl Duderwick
(716) 837-0071
Supportive Services Corporation
201 ST. Mary's ST
Lancaster, NY 14086
Ken Birkemeier
(716) 685-6252
Southtowns Rural Preservation Company, Inc.
Type: Preservation
9441 Boston State RD PO Box 153
Boston, NY 14025
Karen M. Diemunsch
(716) 941-5787

Southtowns Rural Preservation Company, Inc. is a local, non-profit community development corporation serving the rural towns and villages in the southernmost rural Erie County: Towns of Boston, Brant, Colden, Concord, Eden, Evans, Holland, North Collins and Sardinia. Villages of Angola, Farnham, Gowanda, North Collins, and Springville.

Southtowns manages 12 affordable rental units within a rehabbed school located in the Town of Boston and administers a home repair program for income eligible owner-occupied homeowners.

Black Rock-Riverside Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc.
Type: Preservation
203 Military RD
Buffalo, NY 14207
Megan Burns-Moran
(716) 877-3910

Black Rock-Riverside Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS) is a non-profit lender and developer dedicated to improving the housing, commercial districts, and public spaces in the Black Rock and Riverside neighborhoods. NHS is a HUD-certified counseling agency NHS provides financing for home improvements to households who cannot qualify for conventional financing, counsels and assists renters who wish to become home owners, and provides affordable housing to those who wish to rent. NHS provides assistance to small businesses who wish to locate or expand in the area. NHS acquires and develops properties that private investors shun, and coordinates efforts to enhance public facilities that enrich the neighborhood. Whenever possible NHS undertakes civic projects that enhance the quality of life and resident pride in our neighborhoods. An urban park (approx. 15,000 sq. ft.) to serve as a gateway to the Black Rock neighborhood was developed, and previous projects include a little league football field in the Riverside neighborhood.

Rural Revitalization Corp.
Type: Preservation
209 North Union ST
Olean, NY 14760
Stephane M. Timblin
(716) 373-4100

Rural Revitalization Corporation is a community-based not-for-profit dedicated to the mission of providing clean, safe, affordable housing for the residents of Cattaraugus County and the Towns of Collins, Concord, and Sardinia in Erie County and the Towns of Java and Arcade in Wyoming County.

Rural Revitalization Corporation offers home repairs to low- to moderate-income homeowners in our service area using AHC funds, septic and well repair with CDBG funds, and first-time homebuyer down payment and closing costs assistance with funding by the City of Olean. In addition, RRC owns rental property (duplex) in Hinsdale, NY.

Old 1st Ward Community Association, Inc.
Type: Preservation
62 Republic ST
Buffalo, NY 14204
Andrew Bannister
(716) 856-8613

The Old First Ward Community Association, Inc. provides a wide array of programs and services designed to strengthen and support the neighborhood, and respond to the changing needs of the community.

The Community Center provides a wide array of programs and services designed to strengthen and support the neighborhood, and respond to the changing needs of the community. The Center is open Monday through Friday from 8am-9pm year round. Youth- We aim to promote academic success and civic participation. We serve a daily Kid's Café meal along with Homework Help. followed by recreation in the gym, arts & crafts, ceramics, and computers. Our youth are supervised by caring staff, who also put on special events, such as field trips, sleepovers, educational programs and more.

Seniors -We offer support services, nutrition and recreation for our A nutritious senior lunch is served daily, prepared here in our kitchen. The Senior Van transports people to shopping, appointments and on outings year round. A 16-unit senior housing complex across the street from the Center provides a safe and modern living alternative for those who no longer wish to maintain a house.

Families - Fun family events are scheduled year round. Adult members make use of the weight room, cardio room and aerobics classes. Financial literacy, homeownership and wellness programs help families build a solid foundation.

Nutrition -Buffalo River Food Pantry serves families and individuals in a friendly, accessible setting. Our Kid's Green Team grows fresh vegetables in our mini-farm. Their proud produce is used for Kids in the Kitchen classes, Kids Café, Senior Lunch and in the Buffalo River Food Pantry.

Housing Services - We provide rehabilitation loans to prolong the useful life of our historic homes, coordinating efforts with city inspectors, housing courts and block clubs. Home buyer initiatives support homeownership with classes, counseling and subsidies.

Broadway-Fillmore Neighborhood Housing Services Inc.
Type: Preservation
780 Fillmore Ave
Buffalo, NY 14212
Steven Karnath
(716) 852-3130

Broadway-Fillmore NHS (BFNHS) is a neighborhood-based, not-for-profit corporation that works to improve the Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood. The organization focuses on the South Fillmore Avenue corridor, running from Smith Street to the south, Best Street to the north, Herman Street to the west, and Lathrop Street to the east.

BFNHS offers a variety of programs and offers a variety of services designed to:

1. Improve Existing Housing - BFNHS operates several home repair programs using a combination of HOME,     AHC and local revolving loan funds.

2. Encourage Homeownership - they provide homebuyer counseling services, including monthly workshops. They also participate in the FHLBNY First Home Club, which provides up a grant of $7500 for down payment and closing cost assistance to first time homebuyers. <

3. Provide Affordable Rental Opportunities - BFNHS owns and manages 30 apartments, with an occupancy rate that approaches 100%. The rents at the Urban Street Apartments (formerly School 62) are $350 for a one bedroom apartment. Twenty-six (26) tenants are considered extremely low income (ELI), with incomes below 30% of AMI. They are working on several projects to increase our rental portfolio.

4. Assist Existing Businesses and Recruit New Businesses - BFNHS was recently awarded $300,000 in Better Buffalo Funds by NYS Empire State Development. These funds will be used to develop a couple of new businesses adjacent to the Broadway Market, as well as create residential units in existing commercial buildings that will then become mixed-use buildings. BFNHS is also a founding member and fiscal sponsor for the creation of a new not-for-profit, Fillmore Forward, Inc., that will focus on the commercial areas in the neighborhood.

5. Preserve the History of the Neighborhood - BFNHS received $10,000 from Oishei Foundation so that the Olmsted Conservancy can make application to the National Park Service to amend the National Register listing of the Olmsted Parks to include South Fillmore (from Best to Seneca). They acquired and are redeveloping 806 Fillmore - the historic home of Dr. Francis E. Fronczak, and 595 Fillmore - the site of the former Jankowski Cigar Factory, and perhaps the oldest structure on South Fillmore Avenue.

Ellicott District Community Development, Inc.
Type: Preservation
644 William ST
Buffalo, NY 14206
Erma Brown
(716) 856-3262

Ellicott District Community Development, Inc. (EDCD) was formed in 1973 to advance the cause of affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization. The overall mission of EDCD is to stabilize the neighborhoods it serves by increasing home ownership opportunities; promoting home improvement efforts for owner occupants; and empowering residents to get involved.

Ellicott assists resident owners to access funds for housing rehabilitation in the form of low-interest loans and or grants (City & State). They provide housing counseling and education for 1st time home buyers; facilitate block club formation; monitor neighborhood problem properties, monitor housing court and general information and referral.

Fillmore-Leroy Area Residents, Inc.
Type: Preservation
307 Leroy Ave
Buffalo, NY 14214
Anthony Wiliams
(716) 838-6740

Fillmore-Leroy Area Residents, Inc. (FLARE) was established by concerned residents in the Fillmore-Leroy area of Buffalo over 20 years ago. Its services are focused both on housing and human service issues. As a result of their efforts, FLARE was able to establish the following: 17 rental units that are available to low income people, home improvement grants and low interest loans for low income residents, an acquistion rehabilitation sale program, beautification projects, new construction projects, a food pantry, senior nutrition program, senior transportation, and youth services program. Recently, FLARE was awarded additional funds from the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York to provide subsidies for the acquisition rehabilitation sale program and funds from the NYS Affordable Housing Corporation to increase the pool of funds available for home improvements.

Neighborhood Housing Services of South Buffalo, Inc.
Type: Preservation
1937 South Park Ave
Buffalo, NY 14220
Shyrl L. Duderwick
(716) 823-3630

Neighborhood Housing Services of South Buffalo, Inc. provides financial assistance to homeowners for rehabilitation; financing for commercial facades; weatherization programs; and supporting fiscal services for neighborhood block clubs and faith based initiatives.

As a HUD certified counseling agency, our homeownership education prepares potential first-time home buyers with classes explaining the process of obtaining a mortgage, offer credit counseling to correct outstanding financial issues and foreclosure counseling. NHSSB is a chartered member of NeighborWorks (R) America.

*A sub-grantee of the NYS Weatherization Assistance Program within the City of Buffalo, we provide additional services to leverage residential rehabilitation dollars within our organization and to other non-profit housing organizations where applicable. (i.e., NYS AHC, NYS HOME, NYS Main Street,etc.)

Lt. Col. Matt Urban Human Services Center of WNY
Type: Preservation
1081 Broadway
Buffalo, NY 14212
Marlies Wesolowski
(716) 893-7222

The mission of the Lt Col Matt Urban Human Services Center of WNY (Matt Urban Center) is to enhance the quality of life, preserve neighborhoods and encourage economic development.
The Matt Urban Center is a multi-faceted agency providing Housing and Community Development Programming, Senior Services, Senior Apartments, Weatherization Programs, Youth And Family Services, Homeless Outreach Services, G.E.D. and Work Skills Training, 2 Food Pantries, and a Crime Victims Assistance/ Advocacy Program.
Our sites include 1081 Broadway (Main Offices), 385 Paderewski (Polonia Hall/ Matt Urban Hope Center), 129 Lewis Street (T.J. Dulski Community Center), 104 Lewis Street (Thomas J Wojnar Senior Apartments), 185 Rother (Affordable Apartments), 103 Sweet (remodeled affordable rental), and 160 Clark (remodeled affordable rental),  296 Monroe St (Monroe Place), Hope House- a homeless shelter for women and children (on Genesee St), Hope Gardens at 58 Oberlin (opened December 2014), as well as several scattered site rentals and CHDO projects (rehab and new construction).
There is a significant unmet housing need in the agency service area.

Seventy-Eight Restoration Corp.
Type: Preservation
38 Emerson PL
Buffalo, NY 14209
Deborah D. Turner
(716) 884-0815
Seventy-Eight Restoration Corporation's (SERC) Neighborhood Preservation Program service area is called the Masten Park Neighborhood and is located in the Ellicott and Masten council districts of Buffalo in Erie County, Census Tract 32.02. The Masten Park neighborhood is comprised of 130 city blocks. Seventy Eight Restoration Corporation's goals and objectives are to develop comprehensive neighborhood revitalization programs; to ensure the implementation of such programs; provide physical development by construction, restoration, renovation or otherwise, of low-and -moderate cost homes for purchase and rental; and to assist persons of very low-to-moderate income with owning or renting housing.
Lackawanna Housing Development Corporation
Type: Preservation
640 Ridge RD
Lackawanna, NY 14218
Phil Lowrey
(716) 823-5124

The Lackawanna Housing Development Corporation (LHDC), a not-for-profit housing corporation, was founded in 1990 as an associated corporation of the Lackawanna Community Development Corporation (LCDC). LHDC is designed to improve the quality of life through the restoration of deteriorated housing stock, creating new housing, and encouraging residential growth for low to moderate income households in the First and Second Wards in the City of Lackawanna.

With AHC funds the LHDC provides 80% of the cost of rehabilitation of homes of low/moderate-income homeowners. The focus is on the envelope, mechanical's of the home, effecting housing codes and the health and safety of its residents.

With HCR and other various funding sources, the LHDC, as co-developer, is finishing up the construction and rental of 47 single-family rent-to-own homes and a club house in Lackawanna's 1st ward.

LHDC also purchases and rehabilitates homes in the City of Lackawanna, and sells them at cost to low/moderate income first-time homeowners.

University District Community Development Association,Inc
Type: Preservation
3242 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14215
Roseann Scibilia
(716) 836-3600

The University District Community Development Association (UDCDA) is a full service agency offering a wide array of youth, teen, and senior programs to residents while also spearheading community and housing development projects throughout Buffalo's Northeast.

We are committed to:
* Promoting home ownership
* Ensuring that all residents of our community have access to adequate housing
* Empowering residents
* Renewing pride, and Restoring confidence in our community

Other housing services include:
* Administration of minor home repair grants and loans provided by several agencies
* Acquisition & rehabilitation programs for both owner occupied & rental properties
* Financial literacy education
* Energy-efficiency classes
* Support for area block clubs
* Housing Court Liaison activities
* Problem property mediation
* Business & Community Development

West Side Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc.
Type: Preservation
359 Connecticut Street
Buffalo, NY 14213
Megan Burns-Moran
(716) 885-2344

West Side Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc. is a non-profit lender dedicated to preserving and revitalizing Buffalo's neighborhoods by providing safe, affordable and sustainable housing opportunities for all.

West Side is a full-cycle lending agency with programs carrying customers through the entire process of buying and owning a home. Our programs and services include financial capability and home buyer education, closing cost assistance, post-purchase education, home improvement loans and foreclosure prevention counseling.

Citizens Alliance, Inc.
Type: Preservation
836 E Delavan Ave
Buffalo, NY 14215
Cornelius Johnson JR.
(716) 597-0262

Citizens' Alliance Inc. is a non-profit community-based organization serving the Delavan-Grider neighborhood of the City of Buffalo. Citizens' Alliance provides housing programs, senior services, and community beautification programs.

An agency that works to ensure access to decent housing for low to moderate income residents, Citizens' Alliance mission focuses on strengthening the community through collaborative initiatives with other groups and organizations to create jobs and economic development opportunities.

Hispanos Unidos de Buffalo, Inc.
Type: Preservation
254 Virginia ST
Buffalo, NY 14201
Eugenio Russi
(716) 856-7110

Hispanics United of Buffalo is a non-profit organization servicing the residents of Buffalo's West Side and the Hispanic Communities of Buffalo and Erie County.

A multitude of services are provided for the social, cultural, educational and economic well being of our communities. All of our direct service staff are proficient in Spanish and English.


Neighborhood Preservation Program assists clients with eviction, relocation, homelessness and work force engagement. The program manage nine units, and educates first time home buyers.

Domestic Violence Program aims to educate and raise community awareness. The program is a bilingual, and bi-cultural domestic violence program that a victim is able to reach a domestic violence advocate that is culturally and language sensitive twenty fours a day, provides non-clinical counseling, comprehensive support services, advocacy, obtain orders of protections, shelter placement, transportation, translation and interpretation, and assists with steps needed to stay safe and live free of violence.

Preventive Services Program assists families who are at risk of having their children placed in foster care due to neglect or abuse. The program is a based on family strength interventions in order to remove barriers and at the same time developing the skills needed for the families to keep their child or children home. Rapid Re-Housing Program assists homeless families who are in shelters due to domestic violence, loss of employment and income to obtain permanent affordable housing. Clients are assigned to the housing case manager and employment specialist who continues to work with the families to ensure housing stability, employment and education.

Greater Buffalo United Accountable Health Network Program clients experience improved resources in their community through support network, and a Care Team member. Clients benefits include assistance with finding a primary doctor and specialists, referrals to community resources, guidance with Department of Social Services issues, follow-up after hospital visits, free health education tools and incentives.

Senior Recreation/Day Care Program A place where seniors may enjoy interacting with others,participating in field trips and recreational activities. We provide transportation to and from the program we also have a nurse on site daily.

Heart of the City Neighborhoods, Inc.
Type: Preservation
191 North Street
Suite 1
Buffalo, NY 14201
Stephanie J. Simeon
(716) 882-7661

Heart of the City Neighborhoods, Inc. (HCN) mission is to create, facilitate and support housing and neighborhood development of the central core in the City of Buffalo. This will be achieved through the following offerings:

1. 2015 Home Repair Assistance program: This is funded through NYS AHC and provides home repair to homeowners in our service area.

2. Community Partnership Initiative: Administer home repair grants through the City of Buffalo's programs to homeowners in the Niagara District in the City of Buffalo.

3. Mt. Aaron Manor: We are the acting developer on the Mt. Aaron Manor Senior Apartment project at 528 Genesee Street, Buffalo, NY 14204. We were hired by Mt. Aaron Baptist church to complete the project as developer using their HOME program funds with the City of Buffalo and grant award through Federal Home Loan Bank.

4. Bailey Green: Assisting with the planning and implementation of the vision for the Bailey Green neighborhood in partnership with Harmac Medical Products and other organizations to revitalize the community and current infrastructure.

5. Buffalo Main Street Initiative: Administering the grant award from the Better Buffalo Fund to repair mixed use properties along Niagara Street in Buffalo.

Heart of the City Neighborhoods, Inc. (HOCN) has a service area bounded by Michigan Avenue on the East, Lake Erie on the South, the Niagara River on the West, and Porter Avenue on the North. This area is commonly known as the Lower West Side of Buffalo, NY, is located in the County of Erie and includes the postal zip codes 14201 and 14202.

Service Profile:

What is a weatherization assistance provider?

Weatherization assistance providers can assist eligible homeowners and owners of rental properties with measures to improve energy efficiency, including:

  • an energy audit of the home to identify specific needs;
  • addition of insulation to walls or ceilings;
  • weather-stripping and caulking around doors and windows;
  • cleaning, testing, repairs, or replacement of heating systems;
  • replacement or repair of broken windows and/or outside doors;
  • mitigation of health and safety concerns; in particular assuring that all dwelling units receive smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

Weatherization Services may also include other energy-related improvements such as: water heater repair/replacement, lighting fixture replacement, venting systems, refrigerator replacement, and certain electrical service work.

Weatherization services are available to income-eligible (60% of State median income) individuals who may be either homeowners or renters living in a single-family home, a manufactured/mobile home, or an apartment.

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