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All service providers for Bronx

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Bronx Shepherds Restoration Corp.
445 E 171st Street
Bronx, NY 10457
Alwyn Prescod
(718) 299-0500
Northwest Bronx Community & Clergy Coalition
103 E 196th ST
Bronx, NY 10468
Katiuska Lopez
(718) 584-0515 x232
Association for Energy Affordability, Inc.
105 Bruckner BLVD
Bronx, NY 10454
Beatriz Lora
(718) 292-6733 x8212
163rd Street Improvement Council, Inc.
Type: Preservation
490 E 167th ST
Bronx, NY 10456
Cassandra G. Perry
(718) 620-6007

Created in 1965, the 163rd Street Improvement Council, Inc. (the Council, the Improvement Council) involved itself in the fight against community deprivation of resources in the South Bronx. Determined to make a difference in the lives of the residents, the Council began to create affordable housing in the community. The service area is bounded by the Bronx River South, 149th Street and Prospect Avenue on the North.

Pioneers in the Bronx for housing and human service programs, we offer the special needs, homeless and low income populations an array of support services. Our approach is unique and innovative. We provide a range of programs, including: Ogden Avenue Residence; Flossie Wilson Residence; Veralyne Hamilton Residence; and our Housing & Community Renewal/Neighborhood Preservation (DHCR) program which provides tenant housing and housing assistance, owner occupied housing assistance & community development and preservation resources.

Belmont Arthur Avenue Local Development Corp.
Type: Preservation
660 E 183rd ST
Bronx, NY 10458
Consolato Cicciu
(718) 295-2882

The Belmont Arthur Avenue Local Development Corporation (LDC) was founded on 08/18/81 to serve as the official economic development agency for the Belmont Community. The LDC was created to complement and expand commercial initiatives and to preserve housing stock for moderate- and low-income families. The LDC also provides the important link to the City of New York in obtaining funding for community projects to foster long range planning.

Housing services provided by the LDC include the development of subsidized housing for low- and moderate-income families, the elderly on fixed incomes, persons with special needs and the homeless. In addition, they assist landlords in obtaining low interest government loans to upgrade housing stock primarily occupied by low- and moderate-income families. Low- and moderate-income tenants can also get assistance in accessing social services.

Bronx Neighborhood Housing Services CDC, INC
Type: Preservation
1451 E Gunhill RD
2nd Floor
Bronx, NY 10469
Oscar J. Morillo
(718) 881-1180

Bronx Neighborhood Housing Services CDC, Inc., is a not-for-profit community housing/development corporation created with the purpose of stimulating reinvestment in the North Bronx's neighborhoods and to stop redlining practices of the 1980s against homeowners and residents of our community who were predominantly Latinos and African American. North Bronx NHS serves the community district number 12 in the North East section of the Bronx primarily, however due to the nature of our services, we also serve the Bronx County.
Today, NHS of North Bronx provides:
· Homeownership counseling
· Homeowners counseling
· Foreclosure prevention counseling and intervention
· Homeownership education
· Landlord education
· Housing preservation services
· Financial education

Neighborhood Association for Intercultural Affairs
Type: Preservation
1075 Grand Concourse
Suite 1b
Bronx, NY 10452
Eduardo Laguerre
(718) 538-3344

The Neighborhood Association for Inter-Cultural Affairs, Inc., (NAICA) is a non-for-profit corporation that has been providing housing intervention and assistance services to residents of the Bronx since it was established in 1974. The service area for housing services is Community Board District 4 in the Borough of the Bronx. This district has the following postal codes: 10451, 10452, 10456, and 10457. This communnity is commonly refered to as: HIgh Bridge; Grand Concourse, Morrisania. Mt Eden and Mott Haven neighborhoods. THe sounthern boundary is East 149 and 174 Street on the north, the Harlem River on the west and Webster Avenue on the East.

As a designated Neighborhood Preservation Company, NAICA offers services to residents, building owners, businesses, and community stakeholders to ensure that their housing needs are met, without displacing current community residents. Furthermore, transforming aging neighborhoods into more prosperous ones has increased new business developments, therefore job opportunities, improved transportation, schools and other community services. As part of the overall transformation, NAICA has played a major role in rehabilitating run-down buildings, developing tenants’ associations, addressing building code violations, and developing new housing throughout the Bronx. NAICA continues to build and expand its commitment to the economic, social and cultural resurgence of Bronx neighborhoods.

Bronx Shepherds Restoration Corp.
Type: Preservation
445 E 171st Street
Bronx, NY 10457
Celine Petit
(718) 299-0500

Bronx Shepherds Restoration Corporation (BSR) has been a leading force in bringing much needed housing services to the residents of the Bronx.
Bronx Shepherds has established an impressive record that shows what positive results can occur when there is collaboration between the Federal Government, various city and state agencies and the local communities.  Over the years, Bronx Shepherds with the support of the various government entities has made a tremendous contribution to this community by playing a significant role in preventing the deterioration of housing in the Bronx.  For decades Bronx Shepherds has successfully provided much needed housing to the residents of the Bronx in particular, the Morrissania section of the Bronx.
Bronx Shepherds recently entered into a joint venture with a private developer to restructure its portfolio of properties which comprised of 21 buildings with a total of 364 units.  The new joint venture resulted in a $25 million allocation for the rehabilitation of all the apartment units along with capital improvements to all the buildings.
With the commitment to continue to provide affordable housing, Bronx Shepherds is presently in negotiations to enter into a joint venture with Exact Capital.  The joint venture will develop Redemption Plaza, a proposed 13 story mixed use retail and community facility building located at 1665 Jerome Avenue in the Bronx.  The  building will contain 72 residential units, a 10,000 square feet of community facility and a 6,000 square foot commercial space.
The Bronx Shepherds goal for the future is to continue to move into the 21st Century by expanding its philosophy to develop programs and housing resources that will improve the quality of life for the area residents.

Fordham Bedford Housing Corporation
Type: Preservation
2751 Grand Concourse
Bronx, NY 10468
John M. Reilly
(718) 367-3200

Fordham Bedford Housing Corporation (FBHC) was created in 1980 by community leaders to combat prevalent housing deterioration and abandonment spreading from the South Bronx. FBHC consistently works to provide safe, sound and affordable housing in the northwest section of the Bronx. This is implemented in a number of ways, be it rehabilitation of building's within its portfolio of properties, acquisition and renovation of abandoned and/ or distressed properties, new construction of affordable housing, or via routine maintenance of the properties managed, now 110 buildings including more than 3,500 units . FBHC also works to implement community based programs to help increase the cohesion and quality of life to residents and community members through its affiliates.

FBHC provides the majority of its services to Bronx Community Districts 5, 6, and 7. The catchment area consists of: North - Gunhill Road, East - Webster Avenue- West.

Services include:

Moderate and Substantial Rehabilitation: FBHC rehabilitates apartment buildings through funding programs provided by NYC HPD. This entails researching programs, finance and development, construction monitoring, tenant relocation and additional tasks associated with housing development, depending on programs used.

New Construction: FBHC develops buildings acquired privately or from the city. This process includes all aspects of housing development from it's conceptual stages through construction completion followed by lease up and property management. One new project developed recently was housing for seniors.

Repair and Maintenance: Consistent upkeep of properties needing emergency repairs and some capital improvements in FBHC's portfolio. This also includes continual maintenance preformed to maintain buildings in good performance. We also use weatherization program to enhance the building envelope of qualified properties.

Tenant Resource Help: Our in-house coordinator works closely with residents to find resources that assist families to prevent them from losing their homes. This helps to alleviate the pressures tenants face as economic hardships and cost of living increase with stagnating wages.

Workshops: FBHC and affiliates / partners conduct workshops focused on health and wellness (food preparation, shopping tips, exercise, etc.), tax program, financial counseling, and home buyer/homeowner information.

Homeless Families: FBHC provides affordable housing to families within its portfolio of properties each year. This does not include the units that FBHC is mandated to house homeless families in per regulatory agreements with NYC HPD.

Employee Training and Development: Staff in all aspects of the organization attend several sessions/trainings each year focused on various topics such as finance, debt restructure, weatherization, energy efficiency, tax credit compliance and monitoring, building maintenance and more.

Neighborhood Initiatives Development Corp.
Type: Preservation
2523 Olinville Ave
Bronx, NY 10467
William Foster
(718) 231-9800

Neighborhood Initiatives Development Corporation (N.I.D.C.) is a non-profit organization that was formed in 1982 to stabilize the neighborhoods within Bronx Community Boards 9 and 11 and to ensure the provision of safe, decent, affordable housing for low to moderate income residents. N.I.D.C. has grown as an agency and now has an annual budget of more than $2,000,000, which comes from both government and private sources.

Our services have expanded to include commercial revitalization and a full range of youth programs including: Prep For Success, a program that woks with at-risk high school students, 5 After School Programs including a Corner Stone program, and a Summer Camp with over 100 kids participating.

NIDC's housing services include assistance to individual tenants, organizing of tenant associations, eviction prevention and assisting with Housing Court, helping with loans and subsidy programs such as SCRIE, DRIE and HEAP, informational workshops and newsletters for tenants and building owners, and addressing crime problems and quality of life issues in apartment buildings and throughout the community.

Mid-Bronx Senior Citizens Council, Inc.
Type: Preservation
900 Grand Concourse
Bronx, NY 10451
Jeanette Puryear
(718) 588-8200

Mid-Bronx Senior Citizens Council, Inc., a nonprofit 501c3 community development organization, offers a full range of human services for neighborhood residents of all ages in its efforts to create an environment for facilitating community transformation. We offer job training and vocational counseling, job readiness workshops, literacy and other adult education services, Head Start, Daycare and UPK for 798 children, after-school and summer arts and education programs for youth, nutrition programs, case management, senior center, home delivered meals, senior transportation and over 1100 units of low-to-moderate income housing.
During fiscal year 2015-16, a number of activities were expanded as part of the Andrew Freedman Complex Initiative. One of these activities was the Job Resource Center.  Due to funding from the NYS Department of Labor, we've established the Mid-Bronx Construction Training program for dislocated workers in NYS.  By the end of the program year, we will have trained 60 dislocated workers in the construction trades and secured opportunities for employment.
In addition, Mid-Bronx continues its relationship with the artist organization, CHASHAMA, whose purpose is to secure affordable housing to up-and-coming artists. Through this collaboration, Mid-Bronx is renting 10 affordable apartments to these Bronx artists and the artists are committed to providing various art related services to community organizations and their participants.  The artists are now giving their time to our senior program, children's programs and other areas in the community.

Morrisania Revitalization Corporation, Inc.
Type: Preservation
576b E 165th ST
Bronx, NY 10456
Claudia Nesbett
(718) 589-7858

Morrisania Revitalization Corporation, Inc, is a Non-profit Community Housing Development Corporation (CHODO) that was founded in March 1981.  MRC  primarily serves the Morrisania Section of the Bronx a severely under served and economically disadvantaged community. Our boundaries are Southern Blvd to the East, Webster Ave to the West, Crotona Park North and 161st Street to the South.

Northwest Bronx Community & Clergy Coalition
Type: Preservation
103 E 196th ST
Bronx, NY 10468
Sandra Lobo
(718) 584-0515

Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition (NWBCCC) is a coalition of 10 neighborhood-based organizations in the Northwest Bronx. The NWBCCC was formed in 1984. The chief services provided by the Coalition and its affiliates are organizing assistance to parents of school children, tenants, community residents through our Safe Streets program, and to students through the Youth Program. NWBCCC works on area-wide campaigns that benefit the community. Combating school overcrowding is our most important such campaign at the moment. The Education Committee's work contributed to the opening of seven new school buildings last fall. Other current activities include working to keep the North Central Bronx Hospital from reducing its services or even closing; fighting the location of the federally mandated water filtration plant in Van Cortlandt Park; and working for the implementation of "community policing" in cooperation with the police leadership in the Northwest Bronx.

South Bronx Action Group, Inc.
Type: Preservation
754 Melrose Ave
Bronx, NY 10451
Yolanda Gonzalez
(718) 993-5869
As it has for more that four decades, South Bronx Action Group, Inc., (SBAG) provides a wide variety of services to persons concerned with the communities of Mott Haven, Melrose and Port Morris - commonly known as "the South Bronx". SBAG's mission is focused on tenant related matters such as housing, social services, and citizenship issues. While the focus still remains on tenants, SBAG serves an increasing number of owner-occupied, recently - renovated structures. In such as the instances, the organization has served as facilitator in Section 8 matters, by assisting owners and tenants in meeting qualification standards; and as mediator in disputes between owner and tenants - both in housing courts and in the community. We make extensive use of community base organizations such as the Citizen Advice Bureau and Bronx Legal Services. We have noted an increase in referrals to us from entities such as the Bronx District attorney's office, the Victims Services Agency, and elected officials. In many instances, these referrals are of families facing imminent eviction or attempting to escape from violence.
South East Bronx Community Development Corp.
Type: Preservation
885 Bruckner BLVD
Bronx, NY 10459
Salvatore Gigante
(718) 617-2800

The South East Bronx Community Organization (SEBCO) is a non-profit corporation committed to providing affordable, well maintained, and secure housing along with the supportive services needed to improve the quality of life in our community and that of the families and individuals we serve. While the majority of the housing developed has been for low-income families, seniors and the formerly homeless, SEBCO has also sponsored the construction and renovation of private houses, coops, and condos. SEBCO's focus is not limited to physical housing but in improving all aspects of the community and the quality of life of its residents. SEBCO currently sponsors two senior centers funded by Dept. for the Aging, two TIER II family shelters, and one single male adult homeless shelter.

SEBCO Development's efforts and accomplishments in housing and community development are primarily located in Community Board #2 in the Bronx. Community District #2 is located in the Southeast corner of the Bronx, bounded by the Bronx River on the East, the East River on the South, E. 149th Street and Prospect Avenue on the West and portions of E. 169th Street, E. 167th Street and Westchester Avenue on the North. It is comprised of the neighborhoods of Hunt's Point, Longwood and the southeastern portion of Morrisania.

West Bronx Housing and Neighborhood Resources Center, Inc.
Type: Preservation
220 E 204th Street
Suite A
Bronx, NY 10467
Sally Barker Dunford
(718) 798-0929

West Bronx Housing and Neighborhood Resource Center (WBHNRC) provides assistance to tenants, homeowners, and building owners and managers most often on a one-to-one basis. WBHNRC's historical primary service area is Bronx Community Boards 5 and 7, the neighborhoods of Norwood, Bedford Park, Kingsbridge Heights, Morris Heights, and Fordham. Over the last two years, WBHNRC has provided services to Bronx to NYC Council District 11, which adds the neighborhoods of South Riverdale, Kingsbridge, Van Cortlandt Village, Riverdale, Woodlawn, North Riverdale, Fieldston and part of Wakefield.

In January of 2016, WBHNRC also began working in Bronx CD 12, which added Edenwald, the remaining parts of Wakefield, Fish Bay, Eastchester, Olinville, Baychester and Williamsbridge.

Services include, but are not limited to:

For Tenants: eviction prevention, assistance obtaining and keeping housing subsidies (SCRIE, DRIE, Section 8, FEPS) , assistance getting repairs, assistance with rent overcharges, tax credits for renters, and tenant/landlord mediation

For Homeowners: foreclosure prevention, assistance obtaining loans, help dealing with non-paying tenants, and help with property tax and/or water & sewer bill arrears.

For owners & managers: assistance dealing with tenant issues such as hoarding, or the onset of Alzheimers; assistance with J-51s, and low-cost loans, assistance with clearing violations.

We assist all three of the groups above with understanding housing law, and obtaining legal assistance as needed.

In addition, WBHNRC provides basic legal assistance to immigrants interested in becoming citizens. We share office space with a Social Worker who provides assistance to seniors in all areas, assists people with problems around Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance and obtaining benefits and entitlements. We provide translation services. Additionally, we provide office space for a Food Stamp Expediter one day a week.

This package of services allows us to work holistically with our clients assisting them not only with the presenting problem but also with the underlying causes of those problems.

Mount Hope Housing Co, Inc.
Type: Preservation
2003-05 Walton Ave
Bronx, NY 10453
Fritz G. Jean
(718) 299-2051

Mount Hope Housing Company is a community development corporation with affordable housing expertise at its beginnings and a strong track record of multifaceted service delivery. The mission of the Mount Hope Housing Company, Inc. is to revitalize the communities served by providing safe, decent, affordable housing, economic development, youth, human and educational services. Since 1986, Mount Hope has been in the "business" of community development stemming from a commitment to the South Bronx that has generated sustainable structures for physical space, personal development, and economic regeneration that nurture and grow with community need.


Affordable Housing

Youth Development Programs:

High School Equivalency Diploma Preparation (formerly known as GED)After-School, College and Career

Readiness, and Summer Day Camp Programs <br>* Adult ESL (English as Second Language) Classes

Free Tax Preparation Services

MBD Community Housing Corporation
Type: Preservation
1789 Southern
Bronx, NY 10460
Derrick a. Lovett
(347) 226-2481

MBD Community Housing Corporation is a not-for-profit entity located in the South Bronx and has a long history dating back to the mid-seventies. MBD Community Housing is dedicated to the advancement and encouragement of those residing in its catchment area, which is the Crotona Park East section of Bronx Community Board 3.

MBD Community Housing provides housing development, property management, economic development, and delivery of human services.

Service Profile:

What is a weatherization assistance provider?

Weatherization assistance providers can assist eligible homeowners and owners of rental properties with measures to improve energy efficiency, including:

  • an energy audit of the home to identify specific needs;
  • addition of insulation to walls or ceilings;
  • weather-stripping and caulking around doors and windows;
  • cleaning, testing, repairs, or replacement of heating systems;
  • replacement or repair of broken windows and/or outside doors;
  • mitigation of health and safety concerns; in particular assuring that all dwelling units receive smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

Weatherization Services may also include other energy-related improvements such as: water heater repair/replacement, lighting fixture replacement, venting systems, refrigerator replacement, and certain electrical service work.

Weatherization services are available to income-eligible (60% of State median income) individuals who may be either homeowners or renters living in a single-family home, a manufactured/mobile home, or an apartment.

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